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Originally Posted by dan96max View Post
So again thanks for all the replies and info. I went out saturday and test drove a Legacy 3.6r limited, Altima 3.5, and a fully loaded Accord V6.

I was partial to the Nissan because I've liked my last two and the Altima was no different. I was ultra comfortable in it and loved the tech. It really made me 2nd guess getting an AWD car until I got home and did a little research. It seems there are plenty of unhappy buyers of the '13 remodel. The one I drove had a side view mirror that shook like crazy. It seemed a little odd for a car still wrapped in plastic. They had a GTR in the showroom that got most of my attention when we got back from the Altima test drive. Not sure how they get buyers to pay attention when that's in there.

The Accord I hated from the second I sat in it. The ergonomics of that car are the worst out of anything I've ever sat in. I can't believe that car gets so much attention in reviews. The seating position gave me instant back pain. It puts a reasonably sized persons knees above the waist which transfers pressure to the lower back. The only way I could finish the test drive was by having my left foot stuck between the foot rest and brake pedal (almost under it). The tech was overly complex even for me as an IT guy and the touch screen was unresponsive. Engine in the accord was nice and smooth though and pulled hard which was nice. Other than that it's not for me.

The Subaru dealer was much smaller and more laid back. It was also a volvo dealer so I was able to take a brief look at the S60 in the show room. I liked the feel of the Legacy and how it seemed glued to the road. It was comfortable and felt very solid. The whole car felt like it was better quality than what I was expecting from a Subaru. It was definitely on par with the Altima and Accord. The one I drove didn't have Nav so I couldn't check that out but I'll probably opt for it when I buy. I didn't get that initial excitement with the Legacy like I did with the Altima but I also didn't push it as hard either. The Nissan and Honda guys were eager for me to beat on their cars for whatever reason. As if WOT is all that matters when buying a car. The overall package of the Legacy seems better to me. For the price, options, handling and AWD I think it fits my needs pretty well. I'm sure once I own it and take it on some back roads it will be plenty exciting.

As far as the TL I've pretty much ruled it out. If it's even remotely like the Accord I won't be happy with it. I also like the idea of buying brand new over used. So Legacy it is. I'm going to hold off a bit to sell my current car and save up a bigger down payment. Excited to be joining the Subaru family
Haha I know exactly what you mean with the new Accord. That thing is atrocious. Fortunately the TL has always been different from the start.

I own a 2008 TL, and it's very very nice. The biggest fault with it (and all of the ones in my generation) is the lack of AWD. As an owner, it's the only thing keeping me from deleting my membership from this forum and putting all of my money for non-necessities such as food, shelter, etc. into making that thing as fast as possible hahahaha.

I've driven a 2012 TL, but I drove the standard one (280 hp, FWD). Let me give you the rundown...

1. Interior: Very nice, very well-put-together, quality materials throughout with the exception of a few knobs which were probably stolen from an Accord (thankfully not many). My mom has a 2011 Outback H6 Limited, and I think the interior in the 2012 TL's a bit nicer. However, for what it's worth, the interior in my TL has not aged nearly as well as the interior in either of my family's Subarus (2004 OB and 2011 OB, both H6's, both leather). Seats develop waves/bubbles and the side bolsters get wrinkled, carpets are hard to clean, and the interior chrome surfaces are prone to being scratched. Not sure if this problem has been remedied, but worth considering for the long haul. EDIT: One other important thing to note. Subaru navigation system sucks balls. Acura's navigation system kicks ass. If you get the Subaru, get a Garmin. If you get the Acura, get the navi package.

2. Driving: My god has this thing gotten fat!!!! It feels SIGNIFICANTLY larger and heavier than my generation of TL, and larger and heavier than the Legacy I daresay. However, it is amazing how well it handles despite the extra weight. I'm sure that the extra 20 hp and AWD of the upgraded version would add more to the effect, especially considered the way the AWD system is set up. The 2013 Legacy 3.6R I drove felt a bit front-heavy and understeery, but that might have been because of the tires it was riding on. Anyone else have any input on this??? The 2.5i felt a lot more balanced... but then it was a 2.5i, so there was no guts to it. If only Subaru made a turbocharged version of the 2.5i to slot right between the two...

3. Value: My TL was under $40,000. This new one... isn't. The AWD version at least will run you over $40,000 no question, and at that point it may be harder to justify, especially with the Subaru being almost as good (better in some respects) and $10,000 cheaper (or $10,000 more mod-worthy ).

Bottom line: Up to you. They each have advantages and disadvantages, but they're both great cars. Don't confuse the Accord with the TL however; the two are based on the same or similar platform/engine/transmission, but they're finished completely differently.

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