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So I do not usually voice a harsh opinion on the interweb, but here I go. So I made an appointment to bring my car into White Bear Subaru( I was warned but they did the original work on it) I called the Service Manager and asked for him to join me for a ride. I told him it would be best if he drove the car. I told him, there is a TSB out for the propeller shaft bearing and last time you had my car you replace a rear wheel bearing and told me the rest were fine. I told him the sound and feel is prominent at 55-60 and that I am starting to hear it at 38-40 as well. He walks around my car and says well I can see here that you need an alignment...I ignored him and we went on the drive. He drove around for a few miles at no faster than 40. Then he hopped on the highway and floored it to 75mph and said " does this one have AWD?" I said yes, and reminded him the sound was betwen 55-60. He go to that speed and said " oh that sound, yeah it sounds like the beginning of wheel bearing, but I don't know for sure, I think these have the pressed bearing. I told him no it was the hub assembly. He told me that was good because it would cost me less in labor?? I kept my mouth shut. The car is still under Powertrain warranty for another 15,000 miles. I was fed up, we got back to the dealership and he said not to worry about it for now, and asked if I wanted a free car wash. I did everything I could not to push the guy out of my car and say F#$k You but I just said no thank you. Moral of story, DO NOT GO TO WHITE BEAR SUBARU. I have faith in Subaru and their Tech's, even the ones at WBS. It's getting past the dumbass at the desk to get them to take a look at it. I will make the hour drive to Morries ,where I use to go, to have them take a look. Thanks for listening and for the angry grammar mistakes