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Also, Im inclined to say that autoX cars do not need to be bled that much. Youre never going to get the fluid anywhere near boiling points in that application. Get a high quality fluid and it will last a pretty good amount of time. The GS610 fluid we carry is more dense and adds slightly to the pedal feel.
i would generally agree with this, but quite a bit depends on the courses you have setup in your area. I personally have boiled and heated ATE superblue to the point that it came out brown, and smelled/tasted very burnt.

On the actual bleeding: Avoid pumping the pedal really hard. You want to keep the bubbles as large as possible so you can see them. If you pump the brakes fast/hard, you turn those into little tiny ones.
Absolutely. stabbing at the pedal will just allow the fluid to flow past the bubbles. it's steady smooth pumps that get them to move along.