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Originally Posted by DanoH5656 View Post
Meh, it'a not so much that it would cost a good amount, I just don't want to get hosed by buying something on the cusp of a technological paradigm shift. Samsung's Hummingbird proccessor is on the way out and Orion is coming up quick. I don't want to blow $600 on something like that.
That's always going to be the case, though. You can always wait until and Orion based system comes out.

Originally Posted by DanoH5656 View Post
Good points on those caveats. A 32 GB SDHC is limiting for some, but I think you and I are on the same boat. And yea, android's car mode is pretty anemic but I plan on either running Navigation, Music, or Torque apps. Especially Torque.
The one thing that I loved about my CarPC, was LumberJack. It was a windows based SSM monitor. Infinitely better than ODBII. I'd love to see something ported to android, but I don't see the market.

Originally Posted by DanoH5656 View Post
The thing I don't understand is your power control point. When I start the car I don't want to have to wait a few minutes while the software boots to post. I figured the tablet would have somewhat of an "always available" function, sit at idle for hours while the car is off, then charge via usb when the car is running and the battery needs it. I'm not sure I understand why you would need the system off at all
Well, you're right, it would be like you're phone. When it's idle, it turns the screen off. So I guess as long as you wired it to charge and configured the settings correctly, as soon as the car turned on (and in turn, started charging the tablet), the screen would turn on.

My only concern would be if you don't drive your car for a few days (I do it quite often), the battery would die and it'd have to do a full start. But if you drive the car every day, I doubt this would ever happen (except maybe during winter, if the car is parked outside for a while).
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