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Originally Posted by Dubz View Post
Im getting headers for mine. But ones for cheap. Why put all that money into a car that isnt any better than your average Corolla?
$585 vs $ChEpBay

$585.00 comes out of box bolts right on, made in USA, made by a caring party that will fix most any issue you have and uses higher quality steels, cats and welds are not bubble gum. Plus I feel all warm and fuzz b/c I sold Mike the stock header used to design the production model. Along with other idea bouncing.

$ChEpBay comes out of box, does not bolt on and probably too narrow to mock fit in order to have them cut to fit or mock a cat pipe, requires possible cutting and fitting, requires reverting to 05 exhaust or custom cat pipe, cat pipe requires cat, cat cost $75-$125, require O2 extensions so both senors reach OEM connection, cat pipe costs $$$ to fab, CEL are almost certain, far more turbulent gas evacuation route (if you go Borla replica 2.5RS), O2 extension are $32.00/per, if you hate it gong back to stock isnt a 9 bolt process.

$ChEpBay comes out to $750, you have a hacked up stock catpipe, a header that will melt your PS lines, CEL flashing and a header that might crack in 2K miles also emits that dread tick!

Look to quote Jay-Z "Hov did that so hopefully you want have to go thru that"

Hov = Me, MSPRO, alt14, few others
You = All the guys thinking about going cheap up front but not understanding total cost

$585.00 or $ChEpBay ??