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I have the dealer change the oil. Since this is the 2nd time I have experienced an oil low issue I will be sure to check the dipstick more frequently. Coming from a family of Honda's I was good on oil between changes. But that was every 3000 miles. In the Subaru the dealer is telling me that an oil change is every 7500 miles. They even have a nifty chart right on the service writers desk detailing the intervals.

I was going to leave it alone till my next service. But the little amount of oil on the very tip of the dipstick looked darker than normal so i bought a 4 qts. Emptied 1 qt in and waited a few. Checked the level and it was just above the 'L' on the dip stick. So i added the 2nd quart. Waited a few and checked. the oil level was just past the 'F' a bit past the little notch. Started the car, it hesitated just slightly. Let it run a couple min. Shut it down and checked it. The oil level didn't change much. So I drove it home from O'Rileys and it seemed smoother?!

My last oil change was 15,000 service on 10/12/12 my next is supposed to be at 22,500 or before 1/30/13. I am at 19K + change. I will bring it up again to my dealer about the oil consumption and see what they say.

This is my first Subaru and so far the experience has been better that worse. I just hope it keeps going in that direction.