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Daniel Stern Lighting and Subaru headlight options
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On Thu, 19 Oct 2006 f1anatic wrote:

> Hello there,

Hi there.

> I have a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT and after 23,000 miles one of my OEM low
> beam headlights just burnt out.

Yep. H7 is an inherently short-lived bulb, and Subaru rather unwisely chose to use the low beams as daytime running lamps, which further shortens the already short life of an H7. There are much better ways of implementing DRLs. If you wish to correct this error on Subaru's part (one of the only errors they made; those are well built and very capable cars),
it is neither difficult nor expensive to do -- just let me know; I carry the parts.

> I would like to replace them with something better. For me, if it > doesn't improve performance, it will not go on the car. I have read a bit about bulbs and I am a bit partial to the OSRAM (not Sylvania) Silverstars.

That is a Plus+50 bulb, equivalent to Philips VisionPlus, Narva
Rangepower+50 and Tungsram Megalicht+50. It'll improve beam performance slightly but at a cost of greatly reduced bulb life. You'd be much happier with Osram's Rallye+65 H7, which works beautifully in the well-designed lampset on your Subaru.

Standard H7: 55w, 1400 lumens, 500 hours
H7 ultra "Plus+50": 55w, 1550 lumens, 225 hours, $17.50/ea
H7 rallye+65: 65w, 2100 lumens, 500 hours, $26.40/ea <--Obvious choice!

The extra 10w is of no consequence as far as electrical power or heat. (those 80w to 100w bulbs are a different story!)

Can also materially improve the high beams with the 9011 bulbs in place of your present 9005s.

The new bulbs are not some tinted or overwattage version of 9005, but rather employ a relatively new technology called HIR, Halogen Infrared. The mechanical dimensions of the bulb are all virtually identical to the 9005, but the bulb glass is spherical instead of tubular, with the sphere centered around the filament. There is a "Durable IR Reflective" coating
on the spherical glass. Infrared = heat, so the coating causes heat to be reflected back to the filament at the center of the sphere. This causes the filament to become much hotter (producing more light) than it can by passing electricity through it, *without* the shorter life or greater heat production that comes with overwattage bulbs (to say nothing of overwattage bulbs' incompatibility with stock wiring.)

Here's the comparison:

stock: 9005, 12.8V, 65W, 1700 lumens, 320 hours
new: HIR1, 12.8V, 65W, 2530 lumens, 320 hours

These bulbs are spendy - $27/ea - but their cost is worth considering in context: Any number of companies will charge you more than this for a tarted-up 9005 with blue colored glass (PIAA and Sylvania Silverstar come to mind) that doesn't produce more light and has a very short lifespan.

The HIR bulbs have a double-wide top ear on the plastic bulb base, this is to comply with the law requiring different bulbs to have different bases. The extra-wide plastic top ear is easily trimmed or filed to make the bulb fit your headlamp's bulb receptacle. Once that's done, they go directly into the headlamp, and the existing sockets snap on.

> I do a considerable amount of night driving and bad weather visibility > is something I emphasize.

Put H3 Gold bulbs ($13.50/ea) in the fog lamps.

> Bulbs are a pain to replace in my GT so i would like something that will burn out in another 20,000 miles.

You're kind of doomed to short low beam life unless you rework those low-beam DRLs, either deactivating them entirely or moving the DRL function to the front turn signals (as is done on most current cadillacs, a couple of Lincolns, many Toyotas and Lexus, etc.). As I say, it's neither difficult nor expensive.


Please indicate:

The quantity of each item you wish
The type of shipping you wish
(UPS trackable ground shipping is standard; all UPS service levels are available)
The address to which you want the items shipped (if different from billing address)
Whether the UPS driver has permission to leave the parcel at your doorstep if you are not available to accept it in person.

You may voicemail or fax your order toll-free on 1-866-861-8668. Please note this is a recorded orderline only.

Orders may also be sent via e-mail to: dastern AT torque DOT net

We accept Visa and Mastercard. Orders are processed securely.

Whatever method you use, the following information is required in order to process a credit card order:

Card type
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CVV code (last group of 3 or 4 digits on back of card)
Your name as it appears on the card
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Please don't forget to include a note (such as a printout of our e-mail) stating exactly which items you are ordering, and where you wish them sent.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,


So I regard Mr. Daniel Stern as a reference and most automotive forums quote him. My question is...if I order:

Standard H7: 55w, 1400 lumens, 500 hours
H7 ultra "Plus+50": 55w, 1550 lumens, 225 hours, $17.50/ea
H7 rallye+65: 65w, 2100 lumens, 500 hours, $26.40/ea <--Obvious choice!

do I really need to address the HIGH BEAMS ?
stock: 9005, 12.8V, 65W, 1700 lumens, 320 hours
new: HIR1, 12.8V, 65W, 2530 lumens, 320 hours

Put H3 Gold bulbs ($13.50/ea) in the fog lamps.
I mean one could literally get a sun tan from that !
Anyone else sporting them ?
Any obvious risks to the headlight assembly from running 10 W higher ? HE claims no danger. Anyone else on the site claiming the contrary ?

Osram H7 65w + Toshiba HIR 9011 Pictures

(I included the entire e-mail to be used as reference by others)

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