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I just bought Kumho ASX all season tires, 235/40/17, W speed rated, and mounted them on 17x8 Rota Boost wheels, +48 offset. No clearance issues to-date.

I bought them from Tire Rack here in South Bend for $88/tire plus mounting. They have a soft sidewall and ride with my Swift springs MUCH softer than my summer wheels/tires, 17x8 OZ Superleggeras with Yokohama uni-directional AVS ES100s, 225/40/18. I attribute this to two factors: 1) softer sidewall and 2) wider tire on same width rim as Yokohamas, so more tire flex in sidewall. Both factors contribute to less tramlining that I think is problematic with a wider than stock wheel with a stiff sidewall tire. I mostly drive on secondary roads with high crowns and old pavement (lottsa bumps). Little highway driving at all.

Snow. Got a bunch of it now (Dec. 2006). Better than what I'm used to but I'm not sure it's the tire since I'm now in a awd car rather than a fwd. Better than the RE92s? Hmmm. Perhaps, but tough to tell since no back to back comparison. They're certainly rallyable! Culdesac fun if you go in hot, pull hand brake, and hit gas to keep the front wheels pulling the front end around while sliding the rear. Not sure it's good for awd but it was fun with fwd and I do it rarely. I scare the neighborhood adults but two or three teenagers have applauded my technique. I'm not a good example.

Jan 2007. Gotta bunch of snow and ice and the more I drive on these the better I feel about them in the snow. They seem good in loose, wet snow and stop well in that kinda stuff. But I've never driven on a modern snow tire. But when driven conservatively in the white stuff, these tires are very predictable and controllable. And my 3.5 yr old daughter loves my 30 degree slides out of the driveway and in the subdivision when going to daycare. "Wheeeeee!, " to quote an obvious genius.

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