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#1: 11-24-2004, 09:31 AM
Perrin short throw install
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I installed my Perrin short throw Monday. I did find a few pics from other people that did the install Thanks powbmps, Unilat and ScoobMods.


12mm socet

12mm open end wrench.

Flat screw driver.

Masking tape( for converging all of the surrounding trim. A must!!)

6mm Allen head wench (I believe its 6mm mine donít have markings.)

Time ~30 mins

How to tear apart your interior to get to the stick has been done so I will skip it.

The Perrin part slides over the existing stick providing a new point to connect the linkage. Its held in place with an ~1í bold tighten with a 6mm Allen head. The instructions donít call for it but I used some lock tight on the threads. I had some problems because of the tight space and the shape of my wrench but tight this down with all your might!!! Otherwise it tends to slide up and down on the shaft when shifting. Over time I could see this getting loose. Im actually thinking of replacing this with one from Home depot that I can use a socket on.

The hardest part of the install was removing the existing bushings from the stock stick. I used a flat screw driver to prey then away from their home. I did mark them up a little on the outside but nothing that will effect performance or look bad.

I adjusted the linkage to the highest point (providing the shortest throw) I could without modifying the metal plate surrounding shifter housing (like done below). Run it through the gears a few times before you put everything back together.

I also installed the Perrin knob. This alone seams shorter than the factory non-Momo knob so it shortens the height of the stick Together this makes the perfect combination!

EDIT--- If I had to do it again I would probably not get the knob, it was great for the first daybut... I do like it better than my stock (non-Momo) but its steal (?metal of some sort, not aluminum?) and its cold when I first get into the car (its winter in Chicagoland) and im assuming itís going to be hot in the summer.

So whatís it likeÖI love it, the shift is short and precise. It does provide a more mechanical feel. Im not sure how to describe itÖless mushy?

I do find that the top gears (1,3,5) feel further from neutral than the bottom gears. This will take some getting use to. I also believe I will take the trim apart and remove some of the leather boot. It feels like there is just too much stuff between the leather and the rubber boot.

Overall I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a shorter throw.

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