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Originally Posted by iyamdman
[font=Arial]The difference between the two circumferences is 21mm - the non-GT Legacy move forward 21mm further than the GT with on wheel revolution.

Does this mean the Odometer/Speedometer calculation is different between the two cars, or is the difference so small it is not noticable?

If the later, how much difference matters?
Am I off on this?

21mm can be fixed with just tire pressure and weight of the car. The thing to consider is about going beyond the +/- 2% difference for overall tire diameter.. first thing is, you can't cram in a 30" tall tire in a 25" diameter fender wheel cutout. I gave specific specs about keeping the tires from 24.4" to 25.3" overall tire diameter lengths. I did this because every tire is built in different dimensions eventhough they are all the same size. Example: A 225/45/17 Falken Azenis RT-215 is by far one of the biggest 225/45/17s ever built while a 225/45/17 Bridgestone Potenza RE92 is built not only narrow, but smaller than what a true 225/45/17 would be. I made my post for you guy so that:

A) It wont screw up your odometer/speedometer that much where it can get you in trouble with the law (driving too fast and trying to say "officer, my speedo is broken, I dont know how fast I was going").

B) that the sizes I specify should fit and roll correctly even with modified stock suspension.

C) so that you dont need to do your own calculations and give yourself the headache of finding out what works or what doesnt. I already did the work for you.

If there are any concerns, just PM me, I'll be glad and more than welcome to answer them.


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