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Originally Posted by Driver72
I only have 285 miles on my car even though I've had it for 3 weeks.
I didn't notice it for the first 250 miles, but most of those were freeway
miles going from the dealership to home and then to Star Shield and back
getting my clearbra put on. And yes, I did vary my speed on the freeway
between 60-80 mph and even occasionally shifting it down to 4th while
at 60-65 mph for a little bit.

But once while the car was still relatively cold I noticed it, and then
later after driving it around for 10-15 miles it did it again a couple times.
I wondered if it was the case of it being so new, but others with over their break in miles still get it and I remember reading other posts about this too.
Here's one of them:

I'm hoping it will go away with more break in miles and as the ECU "learns" and adjusts for everything, including the crappy 91 Octane California gas.

Again, I just want to get a better idea of how wide spread it is and how many people it affected and if it "went away" for them as they got more miles on the car. Mine doesn't seem to be that bad or that often, but still even though it's minor and I've only noticed it a couple times, I wouldn't like it if it was there all the time.
I talked to the local Subaru master tech about this last week and he says that the new Subarus (all of the 04 and newer Turbo models) have a 1500 mile ECU "learn" cycle before they are finally "burnt in" (my terms). This is the guy that the other regional techs and reps turn to for their information so he's got this stuff down. The reason it's hiccuping is that the ECU has detected something "not right" about the timing/air/fuel mixture at that acceleration point and is quickly readjusting everything to protect the engine in anticipation of additional inputs, e.g., warm-up, throttle, speed, etc.

Give it some time to break in but also document the "when" and under what "conditions", e.g., cold, slightly warm, hot engine, off-idle, stop and go, cruising, WOT, etc - just make a log. Then, when you take it to the dealer, point out the when/conditions under which it's occurred and offer to demo it for the service writer/technician if you don't think that they can replicate it. You know your car's operating charateristics better than anyone else so don't let it continue if it's not abating/stopping. He indicated that an ECU reset is sometimes all it needs but in some cases a complete reflash will be required. Also, if you don't get it resolved to your satisfaction, give 1-800-Subaru3 a call and open a case file for that particular issue.

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