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Originally Posted by LandShark
Had my LGT 5M for just shy of one month now but beyond 3K miles already. Definitely do notice the "hesitation" as I've called it. And no, its not a misread of the turbo lag affect. It's a legitimate drop in power but very briefly. I've learned to accept it. I find that this car is not enjoyed most by trying to launch it fast from a stand still. This car is best suited for passing wanttabees on the road. I love the way this car blasts away from 50 mph like it was standing still.
I agree completely, Landshark! This car is a dream on the highway. Though it seemed to launch very well from a standstill when I first got it, now at 1200 miles it is not nearly as enjoyable accelerating from a standstill as my WRX was. Though some of this may be due to the shudder...which I have. But going from BTW, I find accelerating in 4th to be more satisfying and seemingly quicker than accelerating in 3rd (with the rpms higher) when at or around 65 or 70. Anyone else? This is quite different from the WRX where the power was in 2nd and 3rd.

As for the poll, it would be helpful for folks to indicate their current mileage, the mileage when they first noticed the shudder, and whether the shudder has improved or gotten worse since it was first noticed.

I first noticed it at around 650 miles, I now have about 1200 miles and it is either a bit more pronounced now or I am just noticing it more...