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05 LGT "stuttering" during low speed acceleration.
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Just curious how many people have experienced their LGT's
"studder", "hiccup" whatever you want to call it
during low speed acceleration.

I've personally felt it a couple times now and
both times it took place when leaving a stop sign or light
in 1st or 2nd gear at low rpms when I've applied medium amounts
of throttle inputs.

To be more precise, for those who may not have even paid attention to
it, it goes like this:

Release the clutch and begin to pull away from the light under light
throttle, then you get into the throttle a bit heavier while under
2000 rpm's only to feel a couple quick "studders" or "hiccups" for a
brief second as the the car is accelerating away.
Once you start to get into the boost area 2800 rpms+ it won't happen.

These are not major hesitations or misfires or anything, just small

I know many have posted about this before and I've spoke to a couple people
who've experienced this very same thing, but I want to get a better idea
of how many people have had this on their car and if it's a pretty common
05 LGT characteristic. Maybe we can speed up Subaru's resolution by
reflashing the ECU or taking whatever steps are necessary to fix it.

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