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It vibrates a bit and you can hear first gear whine.

It seems as if the solid linkage transfers some gear noise to the cabin. Nothing extreme though just barely noticable.

I did notice that there was a significant amount of felt vibration at the shifter. This was expected. With the SOLID cro-moly steel shifter shaft and the new bushings the shifter is basicly one unit with the tranny. I have effectively removed all the vibration isolation out of the linkage.

I still wonder why they didnt go ahead and make the bushings out of brass they are just as hard. The bushings are like a hockey puck. probably harder. I'd be surprised if they isolated any vibration at all. 95D urethane= rock.

As mentioned before you can actually feel the shift forks and the syncros syncromeshing each gear. VERY good feedback if you like that type of stuff.


No problems getting into 1st gear at ANY speed. First gear is just as easy as second.

I also owned a WRX. I had the factory STI unit on there. Id say the feel of the legacy tranny with the kartboy setup is MUCH MUCH better than the STi setup I had on the WRX.

Not only in terms of feel but also in terms of notchyness and ease of getting into gear. My current setup is less notchy, more smooth, and easier to get into gear, even with the 40% reduced throw.

I attribute this to the fact that they did in fact update the tranny for this car.

If we ever have a Western NY subaru meet Ill be more than happy to let you guys try the setup out.

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