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Those longer videos were made for XRT to evaluate. They were long and not very clear because they weren't made to show perfection. They were made to try and highlight some positive points and one area that still needs tweaked. They were made for the tuner.

Power delivery from stop to WOT and slow roll to WOT is perfected. It's performing like I never thought it could. Video below to for viewing.

A lot of the tuning work, as I mention above, has been getting the CVT to behave in different ways. Some may like a little more control of the trans via the pedal, while others may like a little less.

I believe, for the ones that want a little less control, the tune for the 6th gen CVT is perfected and will only need to be tweaked per car/location etc. XRT can chime in on that.

I like to have more control over my throttle. This doesn't equate to a 'jumpy' car. Please don't confuse it for that.

Because I've kept mentioning this to Ed he came up with some test tunes and one of them really caught my attention. The behavior is perfect, total control of the CVT with the throttle. But there is still one tiny item that needs ironed out. Ed will get it figured out in no time and it's effect does not impact overall tweaking of the CVT control.

Ed / XRT has been up twice all night on the phone with me perfecting my tune. He is very passionate about tuning and perfecting and this shows in his customer service.

Here's some video that's shorter and really highlights what's been perfected in this venture. Notice how much faster v8a is vs. v7.

WOT take offs -

Mid To Top Optomized - This tune is good to go It has the WOT takeoff optimization in it. It only lacks a some better CVT control via the throttle. This is what I mentioned some may prefer. Less control vs. more control.

Example of CVT control via throttle - This is several tunes after WOT takeoffs were perfected -

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