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I just added a cat back exhaust and air filter, plus committed to using 92 octane fuel. Between that and XRT tuning I'm seeing some real good improvements.

One rom back I got a .4 second increase in 0-60. I'm now on later rom, v6a, and without a doubt it is faster than the v6... so... I'm expecting an even faster 0-60 from the latest logs.

XRT also has a lot of my CVT complaints dialed in. It's, upon my command, much more controllable vs. before optimization it was as is named - constant variable - always keeping the engine in efficiency mode. I can still keep the engine/cvt working efficiently without issue, but with the slight adjustment of the pedal the cvt becomes very predictable and controllable. Very easy to keep the car in power with little pedal work. Increments are about 500 rpms with little pedal down adjustments and it holds the rpms/power nicely vs. instantly dropping down gears taking the car out of power.

Huge drive ability improvement. Huge!

Some of the below info is the same as above, but this is what I posted in my thread over on XRT. There's charts with times over there too.

Happy to see these times, Ed. Good job! My butt dyno agrees. The v6a times have got to be better. If not, forget the times and just go with my butt dyno. LOL.

The rom v6a feels much stronger in the 3rd gear pulls, and the there is a good improvement from a stopped WOT run (drag pull). The car is really flying in the top end in v6a vs. v6. Again, 3rd gear pulls are a huge improvement over just the last rom, v6!

Pedal position is controlling where the CVT gearing is almost precisely now, where as before the CVT just had a mind of its own and would shift up to keep the engine in efficiency mode. Now I can still adjust pedal position for engine efficiency, but also adjust pedal position to hold the down shift for a good amount of time. It's the best of both worlds in regards to the CVT. It takes some of the VARIABLE out of constant variable, and gives some control to the driver. This is a huge drive ability improvement in my opinion.

Every version is getting better. As I was typing this I just got a v7. :shock: :shock: :twisted:

Will keep reporting back here as I have good updates.
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