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Originally Posted by wsf0817
Without busting out MS paint for force balance drawings (I guess you never took a statics class, or even got very far in physics) think of it this way.

When you make your shifter half as long, you now require twice the force to move the opposite end like you did before. If you were to now make the opposite end half as long, instead of requiring twice the force to make that same motion, you'd require the same as stock.

It's a matter of balancing both sides of the pivot.

In the end, the syncros are going to determine how fast you shift, and jamming it from gear to gear is only going to wear them out and ruin your transmission.

I won't disagree that the goose neck looks pretty dumb, I was just pointing out the flaws in logic. That's all.
This is getting good! The statics, mechanisms, physics, and kinimatics courses I took have served me well for over twenty years. OK I agree with your point on the force increase. Go back and read my LAST post! By your logic if the shifter link is shortened, and the tranny link is shortened the force is same as stock. I can live with that. However the tranny stroke will also reduce. So now you are in between gears. (hard on the tranny) No? If you want to reduce the WAD in your panties. Just take picture of a stock shifter and a STS. I think this will minimise the Panty Wad effect you are getting!

Relax Dude. In the end we will see who stands corrected!