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Re: I have a few ?'s
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Originally Posted by CRAZY KEN
1. Is it true that lower color temperatures have more lumens?

2. If yes, then is it also true with more lumens you can see better (farther, wider and brighter)?

3. On the 2005 Legact 2.5 GT Ltd. the low beam is H7, the high beam is 9005 and the fog is H3...Is there a company that sells a nice plug-n-play conversion kit @ 4,000k range?

4. What would one expect the pricing to be for each kit?

5. Is it true that higher lumen bulbs have lower bulblife or higher color temperature bulb have lower bulblife?


1. FAQ answered this, yes.
2. Yes as confimed by the answer to question one.
3. is a good source for phillips ballast/bulbs.
4. About $450 shipped last I checked.
5. I'm not sure about this one although bulbs with too high of a wattage rating for the light harness could melt the harness so stick with the specified wattage. 8)