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I have lurked over here for a little while, I finally joined up. I have been active over on the the Outback Forum for a couple years. I found out about this site from those folks. Most of the time trying to drive me away. I also now realize that my car is more LGT than OB.

I have worked with Ed / XRT Tuning for going on 2 years. The work that we have done has been broad and over several builds. My XT started out bone stock. Combinded the power and cooling, with all of the other chassis modifications...I now like to call the car/her.... Frank. That's short for FrankenWagon, and yep, she's a case any were wondering. XRT tuning has been there almost every step of the way with the car.

And by far as money spent...XRT Tuning is the best value of anything on my car. And I have some valuable sh*t bolted on to it.

My car has the 5EAT. Even with nothing more than an initial throttle map and 5EAT programming, the personality of the car was changed right away...I was getting some throttle logs and the pavement was a bit wet. When my stock (at the time) turbo kicked in...Frank leaped...forward and sideways as all 4 tried/did break loose for a moment...that was in second gear. Whoh!

Since, in the past year and a 1/2, I have worked regularly with XRT Tuning. I am not all that into You-Tube and whatnot, so I have no shifting videos or anything. Many others do, and it is really quite unbelievable the difference in programming on the AT. For Me though I found some of the additional services that XRT provides to be even more beneficial. We are finishing up a Stage3-ish tune currently. (If I can ever get Frank to be solid...on me, not XRT) Truthfully at least 1/2 of the work I have done with XRT has been diagnostic and repair support.

Tuning work aside, the diagnostic support has been even more valuable to me as I struggled to continue forward an make my car dream a reality. Frank is one of a kind, and still growing. XRT Tuning may as well be a silent sponsor, Ed has been integral. My car would not be were it is today without XRT Tuning. I have done ALL of the work myself. I don't allow anyone to touch her. Except, Ed, through patiently coaching me.

Do yourself a favor, Turbo MT, or ANY...motor 5EAT...(I think 4EAT as well), contact XRT Tuning. It will be worth your time.

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