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2004--->up Brembo FRONT caliper
2008--->up Brembo REAR caliper

Prodrive Alcon 4 Piston Calipers Subaru WRX STI *Rare*

do you need to use the 2004--->STi front rotor with the 2004--->STI Brembo front caliper, or will the STi caliper fit the LGT rotor?
-the OEM front rotors are not compatible with the STI calipers.
-Yes, 2004 STI Rotors since they are 5x100. Any 2004+ STI Caliper works.
-For the rears, need 08+ caliper and rotors for the eBrake. Have 08+ rotors cross drillled for 5x100 pattern.

2004--->STi Front Rotor
2008--->up rotors will need a kit. KNSbrakes sells them as of this post, but not sure if Fred beans sells them.
-These Brackets allow you to mount Gold Rear Brembo Caliper (04-07 STi) or Black Rear Brembo Caliper (07 Limited STi) or Red Rear 2 pot Caliper (06-07 WRX) on to your 2010 - Up - Subaru Legacy

Brembo sells rear 2008 + rotors that are drilled specifically for 2010 lgt

Brz rear dba 4000 rotors fit.

FRONT - 04 STi fitment 4-pot Stoptech BBK w. 13" 2-piece rotor (332mm)
REAR - 06 STi Brembo 2-pot w. 12.1" DBA T3 Clubspec 4000 series rotor

05-09 Legacy GT front rotors and front brake pads will fit 2010+ Legacy GT front rotors and front brake pads.

front brake pads from 2005-2009 are matches to 5th gen lgt's.
part numbers:
hps front HB533F.668
Centric Premium Ceramic 30110780
Centric posi quiet 10510780
Stoptech street perf 30910780
hps front HB533F.668
Centric Premium Ceramic 30110780
Centric posi quiet 10510780
Stoptech street perf 30910780

project mu b-spec front pads ( F 916 ) fit the 2011

Hawk HPS Front--HB533F.668
Hawk HPS Rear--HB671F.628

Goodridge 24220 SS braided brake lines were made specifically for and fits all 5th gens, even those with Brembo upgrades. You can order them from Mike at Infamous.

Rear adapted bracket
04 still rotors, or dual drilled
Dual drilled rear rotors
5th gen SS lines
ATE or motul fluid

************************************************** ************

08+ STI Rear Sway Bar

On the car: White line 2008+ WRX Rear Sway Bar. BSR49XZ is 22mm adjustable but other options available. Any 08+ fits.

H&R Springs Part# 54427
Legacy 2.5GT Limited
Legacy 2.5GT Premium
Legacy 2.5i Limited
Legacy 2.5i Premium
H&R Springs Part # 54427-2
Legacy 3.6R,
Legacy 3.6R Limited
Legacy 3.6R Premium

our cars share all the 08-11 WRX components except for the top hats, which it shares with the 06-07 WRX

Cusco 08-14 WRX/STi rear strut bar (692 541 A) is a confirmed fit.

2008 on up struts Rears are directly swappable.
Fronts are NOT a direct fit. The spring perch on the 2008+ WRX front struts is welded onto the front strut tube 1/2" lower than the Legacy struts. You will have tire clearance issues between the tire and perch (WRX uses smaller diameter tire) and your car will be dropped 1/2" in the front

Whiteline KDT902 Positive Traction Kit. Usually seen advertised for 2008+ WRX & STI. They are rear subframe bushing inserts that really do a good job of firming up around the rear diff.

The GH8 Lower Control Arm did fit on the BR9 we were playing with.
They're not identical but they measure out the same.
Since the GH8 arms are the same as 4th gen Legacy items, the Spec B arms should fit the 5th gen cars.

GTspec LCA / Rear Adjustable Control Arm - GTS-SUS-1473
2013-2013 SCION FR-S
2013-2013 SUBARU BRZ

The Kartboy end links DO work. I installed them with my Whiteline '08 WRX/STi 22mm RSB.

KCA 326 Whiteline Rear Camber Bushings for 08+ STI 08+ wrx coilovers fit our cars??? Part 35245015. KW v3s to be exact
Tanabe's Sustec Pro S-OC Coilover Part number: TSC162. Made in Japan, utilize KYB struts. Spring rate isn't super stiff but for $879 they seem like a bargain...

You could also try Tein basics made for a 08+ WRX.

for 08+ WRX coilovers, you'll have to use your stock front tophats

************************************************** ************

AVO stated their Axle Back Exhaust for our LGT will fit Several other Subaru Models.
You might be able to get a different Companys Exhaust and spend less $$$... THe AVO is like $700.00 bucks alone...
-Impreza WRX 4-door: 2008+ [2.5-liter turbocharged]
-Impreza 2.5i 4-door: 2008+ [2.5-liter naturally aspirated]
-Forester 2.5XT: 2009+ [2.5-liter turbocharged]
-Forester 2.5X: 2009+ [2.5-liter naturally aspirated]
-Legacy GT Sedan: 2010+ [2.5 Turbocharged]

Perrin axleback for 08+ WRX sedan fits the GT and likely the 3.6R, catback fits as well with modifications

aftermarket MY10 WRX STI mufflers bolt straight on.

On the car: 2008+ WRX SEDAN Megan Racing Axlebacks. (MR-ABE-SI084D25)

************************************************** ************

the avo drop in filters all fit

2005 outback xt. fram and purolator air filter direct drop in.

The HKS Air Intake Funnel for 08+ STI fits our airbox (2.5GT). I have one on my car.

Oil filters from my 08 2.5i work on my legacy. Also the k&n panel filter worked too

************************************************** ************

GrimmSpeed 3-port BCS for a MazdaSpeed 3 (P/N 057028) works perfectly on my '10 LGT.

Group-N 5-speed transmission mount fits the 5th Gen LGT 6-speed transmission. Running on it in my car now.

11+ wrx cams are drop in.
Our pistons are drop in but our heads give us a bit more compression vs the wrx/sti heads
The problem you will run into, is that the oil scavenge pump for the turbo is cam driven. I don't remember which cam it is, but one has a key notch cut on the end which drives the pump. Without pump, you have no turbo.

The only aftermarket BPV that fits on our cars in the stock location is the Turbosmart Kompact 34mm unit here.
If you have a Racer-X charge pipe, it relocates the BPV onto the charge pipe from the stock location and you can use any BPV that fits the 08+ WRX and 05-09 LGT.

************************************************** ************

works for the 5th gen legacy and makes all four turn signals blink at the correct speed AND retain all functionality
(e.g. all the turn signals flash when the doors are locked/unlocked with the key fob)

2013/2104 headlights (blacked out) fit the 2012-2012
Bumper fits but needs new grill/fogs/foglight harness as well

Outback 2011 headlights are identical to Legacy 2011's?

2009--->Sunroof visor

************************************************** ************

Anything in a 5x100 bolt pattern should work unless you get some crazy offset.

************************************************** ************

Fuel Pump
DW200 (9-201s-1005) and DW300 (9-301s-1005)

4 bar map sensor off the 4th gen LGT and 08-11 wrx (Not STI)
Will plug and play with our ecu. Obviously you need to rescale your map but cobb has a cheat sheet for that.

11+ aeromotive parallel fuel rails

************************************************** ************


Perrin Shifter Stop for 2015 WRX SKU: PSPINR018
2015 WRX 6MT OEM Shifter - confirmed by Perrin (V1 and V2)
2015 WRX 6MT STi Short Shifter - confirmed by Perrin (V1 and V2)
2010-2014 Legacy/Outback 6MT OEM Shifter - confirmed by Perrin (V1 and V2)
2010-2014 Legacy/Outback 6MT STi Short Shifter - confirmed by Perrin V2 Only
2014 Forester XT 6MT OEM Shifter - confirmed by Perrin (V1 and V2)

The 2015+ WRX (not the STi)'S 6 speed manual is the same as on a 2010-2012 GT (mostly if someone needs a replacement),

2015 STI short throw

C1010AJ100 Subaru Short Shifter
Perrin 2015 WRX Brass Shifter Bushing
Additional Part for 2010+ Legacy
Washer - Subaru P/N 031208006 (revised 5/2/14 from earlier incorrect P/N)

************************************************** ************
Tech Note(downpipes):
Besides a minor difference in bends, there's a major difference in length. Both of those pieces are designed to fit to a stock downpipe, so maintain the proper length compared to stock.
What the 2010 Legacy and 2008 Impreza sedan share is the same Y-pipe design and flanges where they meet the mufflers. The mufflers are *nearly* identical, however there is differences in the hangers which will cause some difficulty in lining the mufflers up in the cutouts correctly.

Tech Note(headers):
Dont bother trying to fit UEL headers

Tech Note(springs):
Spring swaps are not recommended due to spring rates but there are fitments that work

Tech Note(brakes):
GT and 3.6 have different brakes that the 2.5i, but the bigger GT/3.6R rotors and calipers will bolt right up to your car if you can find a set of take-offs from someone who upgraded to Brembos.

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