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BtSsm update V1.3.4 has been published to google play
  • changed recent field alert feature to play an alarm sound and change gauge color to red, as popup was too disruptive (djpast, xt2005bonbon)
  • enhancement for H6 vehicles: LV will contain 2nd row for fuel correction that represents bank 2 (Perscitus, satogixxer)
  • bug fix: FKC and FLKC gauges (both analog/digital) now display decimals (xt2005bonbon)


Regarding changes to the alert feature... Some voiced opinions that the alert dialog was a bit disruptive.

Nothing was changed in Field Chooser. However, when an alert does occur, there will no longer be a dialog, instead this will happen:
  • an alarm sound will play for about 3 seconds (thanks xt2005bonbon for the sound file!) It will not play again until the alarm condition stops, then happens again (the alarm *sound* automatically resets)
  • if a gauge (analog or digital) is displayed for the field causing the alert, the gauge will turn red and stay that way. you can change it back to black by tapping the gauge

So here are a couple of examples of how an alert can behave:

Example 1
You add an alert for IAM when it drops below 1. You fill up with 86 octane, and put a potato in each tailpipe (do not attempt). Your IAM drops below 1 and...
  • BtSsm plays the alarm sound for 3 seconds to get your attention. It will not play again since it remains in an alert condition (otherwise it would be very annoying if it kept on playing for your whole ride!)
  • Your IAM gauge turns red and stays that way so you can view it at your leisure
Example 2
You add an alert for FKC when it drops below 0. You romp on your poor car again and it knocks BRIEFLY (unlike previous example)...
  • Again, BtSsm plays the alarm sound for 3 seconds
  • Again, your gauge (FKC in this case) turns red. you can tap it to change it back to black
  • Here is how this example differs: FKC only dropped briefly, then went back to 0. You now upshift and FKC drops again, so the alarm sound plays again - it's a realtime audible knock alarm! Also, you notice that your red FKC digital gauge has a Min value of -5.6, which tells you how much timing was pulled via FKC

Other examples could include
Misfire count for each cylinder if they go above 1 (mine occasionally gets to 1, so I only want to see above that. you can set it to 0, more, etc)

Chasing an overheating issue? Perhaps add an alert if the coolant temperature exceeds a certain value

Chasing a boost creep issue? Perhaps add an alert if Boost exceeds a certain pressure
BtSsm - Android app/Bluetooth adapter. LV, logging, gauges and more. For 05-14 Legacy (GT, 2.5, 3.0, 3.6), 02-14 WRX, 04-14 STi, 04-14 FXT, 05-09 OBXT

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