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my 05
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My leg gt 05 needed both bulbs at once. The bulb blowing is a real issue, and while many have theories - the fact is it is NOT pot holes or over use (drl) ...and I am 1/2 canadian. I believe it is a bulb issue or surge issue. Mine went first thing in the morning - and no potholes.

Back to the topic -

My car has 11k miles and the rattles continue to grow, the cheap things such as noisy cheap seats, brady bunch carpet, bad bulbs, junk paint etc. are annoying to me.

These cars are fast, fun and nice looking, but under the skin they are not the highest quality for sure. If you have only owned 1-3 cars (and especially if they have all been subies) you have "learned" to accept these things. Fit and finish could be much better. Also, many claim subies go forever, but neglect to mention things like head gasket replacements(97gt) or tranny rebuilds or turbo failure. The fact is most decent cars will run to 300k without breaking a connecting rod, but repairs(such as above) get old.
Naturally this is all MY opinion, but I think subies of past attracted the granola folks that simply viewed cars as transportation and that is it. That said the noises, shakes, cracked windshields were no big deal, AND they didn't drive them hard. They loved the awd and being different, but that was it.

Now I am 1/2 granola but 1/2 car nut, and this car covers about 60-70% of my expectations.

I own one too!