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Yep. TRS knows about the issue. It's bad ballasts. Send them an email and try to get the problem solved. I'm sure there are lots of us that have these issues.

After reading through that thread it seems like it's still a cluster F#(K dealing with them. I sent Nate (the guy we dealt with about the brackets) an email last night with pictures of my drivers side and both sides not igniting. Still waiting to hear back. Hopefully we won't get screwed.


Hi Nate, it’s me again.

The retroquick problem is solved so don’t worry. I have been hearing reports of more problems lately, but this time with ballasts. Sadly, I am currently one of the people that have the problem of the cold weather causing the ballasts to not ignite the bulbs properly. In –20C weather my drivers side ballast does not ignite the bulb and in –30C weather neither side will ignite the first try and sometimes requires a few attempts to ignite both properly.

Also, I have LED angel eyes from you and below –10C both of the angel eyes on the passenger side fail to light. Below –15C neither side will light. When I had the lights apart to install the new retroquick brackets I switched the sides of the angel eyes to test if it was a wiring problem or an angel eye problem. I have two different sizes of angel eyes put one inside of the other. As stated it is only a cold weather issue. All leds in the rings still work when they do decide to ignite.

I am attaching two pictures to my email. One is today around 3pm where the drivers side failed to ignite the first try. The second is at 1am where both failed to ignite. I start my car with the HIDs off and let the car warm up for 5-10 minutes before turning the lights on. I always drive with my lights on but due to the lighting issues I have had to be more careful recently to ensure they are both illuminated.

I tried to log into the TRS website in order to get my old order number with the pieces that I purchased from you, but I am currently unable to log in.

Let me know what we can do to resolve these issues. I know you guys will get to the bottom of it, you always do. For these reasons I will keep sending people your way for high quality lighting solutions. If something does fail, you are always willing to help.



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