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Morimoto HID Projector Install
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Thanks for the write up on the headlight installation. Worked with a friend this past weekend and found that they didn't send all the right bolts and stuff for me to install. The 6.0 projectors on my 2012 seemed too big to fit into the bracket they sent me. Curious as to how you got yours to fit.

Did you unscrew the lens from the housing and then bolt the lens on the front of the bracket from TRS and then then bolt the projectors on the backside of it? Just trying to figure out how things bolt on with the hardware kit they send you and the bracket from Subaru.

Thanks so much!

Originally Posted by Drew888 View Post
Ok, so I'm not new to headlight clearing and I suppose I've cleared around 10-12 so far, but I am new to HID retrofits and this is my first. My timing seems to be just about right as this is probably the easiest headlight retrofit that can be done on our cars. What is also a plus is the output is absolutely incredable for a BiXenon kit!

First of all the kit is from The Retrofit Source and specifically...
Morimoto Retro-Quik System (H1)

Before getting started I searched all over the net looking for some sort of instructions as I hadn't done this before and the kit didn't come with any. In my search I found WRX and STI guys doing it and noticed they have it a bit worse than we do. This really is as easy as it gets. If you think you can crack open your headlights then you can very easily do this!

I was a little concerned about the proper wiring but after deciding to just jump right into it I later figured it all out. Not that big of a deal and now you have another local to bug if you seem to get stuck.

Lets start with the usual tool list:

Phililps screwdriver
Standard screwdriver
1/4" open end wrench
10mm open end wrench
10mm 3/8 socket
8" extension
3/8 wratchet
wire cutters
sm zip ties
Mechanics Gloves (or similar)
Soldering Iron & Electrical solder
test light
4 qty steel spring clamps (as in: Bessey XM7 3-Inch Metal Spring Clamp: Power & Hand Tools)

First things first,
  • Jack the car up just enough to get the wheels off the ground
  • Use jack stands please.
  • Chock a rear tire

Link to bumper removal for the 05-07 guys and some info about taking your headlight apart;
Post #9 says 250* for 20 min. The temp is spot on but 15min also does the job nicely.

Now when all the pop-its are out (yes even the upper one in the fenderwell -top corner) just be brave and grab the corner of the fender and pull. It will come off in your hands then just keep pulling it slowly around the headlight until its all out on one side. Now is a good time to dissconnect the fog light. Sometimes it's just easier to remove the bulb from the housing rather than from the connection...your call.

--- I assume no responsibility for you missing a pop-it and in pulling the bumper skin breaking something--

At this point you will want to support the bumper or have another person hold onto it while you do the other side.

Ok, now where were we...

Bumper is off and set aside.