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Originally Posted by geddyup
I was just thinking the other day and it came to me. Where I live there are no potholes or very few. After reading all the posts on headlights burning out I have concluded it may be from the car getting jarred from pothole impacts.It may be the answer that your all looking for. This may also account for all the rattles people have as well.
I live where there are alot of potholes, and have never blown a bulb. The better, and more believable theory on headlights blowing prematurely is because of the DRLs. They run the bulb at 50% and the bulbs are designed to run at 100% so they get hot and function properly.

I find that theory easier to believe since I personally have never blown a bulb, and I unplugged my DRLs a week into owning my car.

The rattles are due mainly to the fact they made the frame stiffer in this car and ignored what that can do to everything that attaches to the frame, body, interior etc.

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