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Passenger Front Wheel Bearing, Ball Joint
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It all started with me hearing more wobbling noises, naturally I assumed another wheel bearing is on it's way out, this time right front one. Sadly after all of this work, the noise was still there, I rotated the tires and the noise moved oke:. Oh well at least I needed a new axle/axle seal anyway.

Look at that beefy rotor!

This thing does indeed have massive brakes, I can see why Outback guys want to upgrade to LGT setups.

What's this... runs to FSM... this car has oem camber adjustment, not used to seeing all of this fanciness!

Fanciness ended when I saw that they are crash bolts.

Front Wheel Bearing
As I now know the wheel bearing was okish, oh well, I needed a new stud anyway, current one was so rusty that the previous owner didn't have a lug nut. I tried to install one and cross threaded a brand new nut.

It's bolted up in the back of the hub, do notice the ABS/Speed sensor that needs to be removed before you can pull the bearing assembly out.

All out

All in

Well that was easy right? Sure until you need to replace the axle too. Which lead to me needing a new ball joint too.

Ball Joint
The fun began when I tried to remove the lower ball joint knuckle bolt so that I could pull the knuckle out and get the axle out.
As you can see Subaru went with the reversed ball joint setup, I hate these with a passion for this exact reason!

Luckily I had a spare ball joint sitting waiting (actually it was supposed to go into the Forester)

Took the knuckle out and started hacking away

The carbide burr helped a ton with getting the shell of the ball joint out

Since the ball joint has a dimple for the bolt, rust tends to form inside, so it's a good idea to clean it up on the inside

Next stage of fun, drilling the bolt out, I think Subaru used a grade 8.8 bolt, this thing was a little too soft honestly.

Threads are useless, best route is to use a longer bolt with a nut now.

Luckily again I had a long enough 10.9 bolt (P11 6 speed leftovers)

And done

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