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Engine Overhaul & Build, Parts List for Critique
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Vehicle: 2005 Subaru Outback 2.5XT Limited
Mileage: 176,XXX
Status: Being dismantled at the shop due to rough idle, oil consumption, and mysterious and random P0011/P0021 codes. (The backstory to the CEL codes can be found here:
Theory: Failed ringland

Listed below is my parts list that I've compiled through many hours of reading and research. My car/mechanical knowledge is quite limited, but I'm learning. I've been asking a few of the vendors and other members on here to critique my list, but I hate to bother them too much, when I know their busy with other customers, business, and personal lives.

Purpose: DD / Light Track Use
Goals: 350whp-400whp w/ Similar/Associated tq. numbers. Focusing on a broader powerband versus absolute peak at the top end.

Subaru OEM Shortblock Machined-Bared/Honed to XX.Xmm
If the block cylinders have to be bored out to a certain diameter due to damage…what is the largest diameter that would be safe and reliable, before it would just be better to purchase a new empty shortblock and have the cylinder walls honed for the new pistons?

Subaru OEM B25 Cylinder Heads Full Refresh w/ Mild Porting
Has porting the cylinder heads shown it to be a worthy investment?

Pistons: Weisco, CP, JE, other? 4032 vs. 2618
Over my head in the world of pistons a bit, any suggestions? I’ve listed the popular choices I’ve seen on the forums. Any input on 4032 vs. 2618 material for pistons?

Rods: OEM, Eagle, Manley, other?
Builder suggested Manley Rods, just interested if you have any other input?

ACL Rod and Main Bearings (Clearences dependent on cylinder boring diameter--like to keep things snug)
Subaru OEM Crankshaft (Machine OEM if needed or STi Heat Treated Crankshaft)
SuperTech 36 mm Stainless Steel Black Nitrided Intake Valves
SuperTech 32 mm Stainless Steel Black Nitrided Exhaust Valves
Super Tech Dual Springs
SupterTech CNC'd Titanium Retainers
Super Tech Bronze Valve Guides
SuperTech Seals
ARP Headstuds
Group N Engine Mounts
Group N Pitch Stop Mount

Infamous Performance and Tuning Complete AVCS Oil Line Kit
Killer B Oil Pick-Up
Killer B Windage Tray/Baffle
Killer B Oil Pan

Grimmspeed Cylinder Head to Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
Grimmspeed PnP, Thermal Coated Exhaust Manifolds
Grimmspeed PnP Exhaust Manifolds to HiFlow Crosspipe 2x Thickness Gaskets
Grimmspeed HiFlow, Thermal Coated Crosspipe
Grimmspeed PnP Exhaust Manifold to Uppipe 2x Thickness Gasket
STi Catless Uppipe
Grimmspeed Uppipe to Turbocharger Gasket

Turbocharger: GT2871R, Blouch Dom 1.0XT, ATP GT3071R, FP Green HTA
I believe these are the turbochargers that I’ve narrowed it down to, that I believe will fit my goals, but I may be wrong! Of the listed turbochargers or a suggestion of your own, which do think will suit my goals/needs best?

PTP Turbo Blanket
Grimmspeed Turbo Heatshield
Grimmspeed Turbocharger to Downpipe Gasket
Invidia 3” Catted Downpipe
Grimmspeed 3” Downpipe to 2.5” CBE Adapter Gasket 2x Thickness Gasket
Grimmspeed 3” Downpipe to 2.5” CBE Adapter
Subaru OEM Donut Gasket

Cold Air Intake: ??? (Dependent on Front Mounted Intercooler/Turbo Inlet Pipe)
I really have no clue which are the high performing, better for tuning CAIs on the market. I didn’t even consider one for this build until I was told that in all likelihood the RacerX FMIC would not work with the stock airbox.

2.4” or 3” Aftermarket Turbo Inlet Pipe: SAMCO, APS, Other? (Dependent on Turbocharger choice)

Grimmspeed 3 Port Electronic Boost Control Solenoid

RacerX Black Thermal Coated Front Mounted Intercooler – LegacyGT and STi Turbo location compatible.
TurboSmart Kompact BPV
SAMCO Silicon BPV Hose

Sidefeed TGV Delete Assemblies
Grimmspeed Intake Manifold to TGV Assembly Gaskets
Grimmspeed 8mm Phenolic Thermal Manifold Spacers (Allow more room for the turbocharger inlet)
Grimmspeed TGV Assemblies to Engine Gaskets (4)
Injector Dynamics 850cc Fuel Injectors (Topfeed Conversion Kit)
Injector Dynamics T1 Subaru STi SFC Feed Line Kit
Injector Dynamics Universal Fuel Injector USCAR to Subaru Denso PnP Adapter
Topfeed TGV Delete Assemblies
Injector Dynamics Topfeed 850cc Injectors
Topfeed Fuel Rails: Perrin, Agency Power, OEM, ???
Topfeed Fuel Lines: Perrin, Agency Power, OEM, ???
Fuel Pressure Regulator
I’m not sure which route (Modified Sidefeed or Topfeed) I plan on going right yet. Do you have any input on which may prove to be better performing, more reliable, and better for tuning? Should I be looking into an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator as well?

Subaru NGK One Step Colder Spark Plugs

DeatschWerks 65c Fuel Pump

Crawford Version 2 Air-Oil Separator
Would it be wise to have an air-oil separator installed at this point?

SAMCO Silicon Coolant Hoses

Subaru OEM Single Mass Flywheel
Clutch Masters FX350 Clutch
Tranquil TSK3 Sleeve Kit and Replacement Bearing

Group N 5MT Transmission Mount

Many thanks in advance for any input, advice, criticism you may have to offer!

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