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Originally Posted by mnstrmech View Post
the ONLY reason the a/c compressor is cycling is because its low, plain and simple. Have it PROFESSIONALLY evac/recharged and in wont cycle. Problem solved. NEVER trust the gauges, that doesnt tell you how much refrigerant is in the system.
Originally Posted by mnstrmech View Post
dont tell me how an ac system runs, im ASE certified master tech. Yes, SOME systems do cycle, but SOME. NOT ALL. My system does not cycle, it runs constantly and COLD, 40 degree center temp vent.

but whatever,,, 98% of the people on message boards are idiots anyways.... its a waste to even try to help poeple anymore.
uhhhhhhhhhhhh seriously guy? There is no reason to be that way. If you're going to be here to help, then help. And don't bitch when you're called out on something. Own it, and stop deflecting.

The first post I quoted of yours is specifically directed at the system in the pre-MY98 A/C system, as that is obviously what this thread is concerning and your post doesn't say otherwise... Be more specific, maybe? I mean, why would you even think we were talking about A/C systems in general, or concerning other cars in which the A/C systems apparently never cycle? Because the pre-MY98 second generation Legacy compressors definitely do cycle.... And that is the specific system we are talking about.

Honestly, though, your ASE cert doesn't mean shit.. Just about every mechanic/tech out there has to be ASE certified. 90% of all mechanics are shitty, and most of the "good" ones only really know enough to get by. You should see the garbage hack work I've come across in the past several years....