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Originally Posted by baconbits View Post
...seriously? All I see that doing is degreasing some stuff and getting water where it shouldn't be... and rust eventually?

Mine is looking hella dusty but I've always been nervous about hosing it off.
Think about the kind of grime under your hood. It's mostly grease. Degreasing is good.

As for causing rust... how? It's not like it's going to get trapped inside anything metal... and since you are washing everything off, it may actually help to prevent rust by washing off any salt left over from winter.

Besides, most of the water will evaporate the first time you start the car afterwards, anyway.

Originally Posted by frank_ster View Post
i found if i dont drive spiritually
How does one drive spiritually?

Originally Posted by soloz2 View Post
I just always leave the headlights on!
Same. Auto-off headlights means I never have to worry about draining the battery, never have to worry about turning on lights with wipers, never have to worry about turning on lights at dusk or on a cloudy day (when they are not necessary to see but are necessary for other drivers' visibility), never have to worry about turning them in in areas with mandatory headlight use, etc. etc. etc. And from what I have seen, having the lights on all the time is easier on the bulbs than having them on halfway for DRLs.

So why not?

On-topic: I rolled over 18,000 miles since I got the car a couple of days ago. That means it took me roughly 11 months from the time I registered it to 18,000 miles.