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Doing this now. Managed to get the glovebox out without removing the whole center console. Just needed a mirror to see that last screw.

Putting that screw back proved impossible without pulling the center console and trim, though, so you should just do that in the first place. It will be faster.

Used a utility knife and a ruler with measured and marked lines to cut the back of the box. Lots of passes with light pressure, and a large, single cut flat file to deburr all the edges. Nice and straight and clean. Advantage of a knife is it doesn't remove material, so the cut-out piece fits back in the hole perfectly. Will be adding some tabs and pull straps to the cut-out piece to make it an easily popped-out door/panel, instead of the fabric, screws, etc. in the factory kit. Total cost was $1.79 for ribbon to make pull tabs, plus the filter, but you're changing the filter anyway. No reason to pay Subaru for this mod.

I used black Shoo Goo to hold the tabs to the cut-out piece. Roughen the surface slightly and pre-wipe it with brake cleaner to get it solvented a bit. That helps the solvents in the glue bite into the plastic.

What would I do different? The molded in mark on the back of the glove box tapers toward the opening of the box (away from the front of the car as it's installed). That ends up making it harder to get the cut-out part out. I would make the cuts straight, or even taper slightly toward the front of the car.

Lots of leaves and junk in the filthy old filter. Putting it back together today, so drove to the O'Reilly that had the Fram charcoal filter in stock locally.

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