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Within about 5 minutes I received a email back from him, that was quick... here's the response:


While I have seen a relay here and there fail due to moisture intrusion, its actually quite rare, and we are always glad to replace one if need be, no problem at all.

Regarding the concerned customer who contacted me, do you by chance know his email address? we certainly would never ignore any emails from customers, especially from those in need - but I am aware that sometimes our emails get stuck in customers spam filters.

For that reason, I am also going to forward you this email from my personal gmail account (just in case) to ensure you receive it

Please ask that guy to call us and we will be more than glad to help him out

Thanks for bringing this to my attention


Unfortunately I do not know his email, I'll be sure to get back to you if I do get it. I appreciate the VERY quick email response!

Glad you got it, definitely let me know, or let him know to contact us, phone is best - but something like this, especially since it caused a fire is serious and something we would never ignore.

The good news is that it had to be some kind of freak accident, because in all my years working with headlights, and in our 3 years selling this kind of harness, I have never seen that happen before.

We would replace his full harness at no charge of course
All this within about 5-10 minutes from my initial email. Looks like they are really trying to make this right.

**Sleeper, I surely hope you don't mind me doing this on your behalf. I, among others, were also inquiring about the resolution.

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