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Just upgraded my '08 3.0R brakes
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Hey all,
Shortly after I purchased my '08 3.0R, I had an issue with a warped rotor. The dealer turned the rotor and all was good again until about a year ago when it began shuddering slightly. Over time, it got worse and finally intolerable.

Since the dealer wanted a small fortune to replace the rotors and pads on all four wheels, I started looking into other alternatives and settled on a set of EBC slotted rotors and their "green stuff" pads. A lot of the Subie speciality shops wanted as much as $350 for the front rotors and $250 for the rear ones. had the same rotors for $250 (front) and $175 (rear), so I picked up the rotors and pads from them. It was also a major bonus that I got free 2 day shipping since I'm a Prime member.

Installation was painless and took about 45 minutes for the first one and about a half hour for the rest. The only problem I had was finding a 14mm 1/2" drive socket for the rear calipers since I couldn't get a combo wrench on the bolts back there.

The brakes are vastly better than the stock set and they show no signs of fading even when doing multiple high-speed stops.

I'll be replacing the plugs in a month or so which should be an utter joy since I have huge hands.

Now I just wish I could find some meaningful performance upgrades.

BTW, A word of warning: The Haynes manual for the '08 Legacy (plus other models and years) has absolutely ZERO information about anything having to do with the H6 engine. It would have been great if it'd been on the cover instead of being hidden inside since the book is shrink wrapped and stores won't take it back once it's been opened.
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