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Originally Posted by Stang70Fastback View Post
I didn't get "horrendous oil leakage" out of any part of your post. What am I missing?
Horrendous in the way that it's quite a mystery so far and hard to pin down the prob.

Originally Posted by Bassnectar View Post
Thick oil buildup around gearbox hmmm rear main seal maybe? Clutch doesn't slip does it?There should be a transmission dipstick to are levels fine In both? Get the oil on your finger and smell it. Gear oil smells turrible and engine oil not that bad unless filthy. Any car that sits I would give high mileage oil for 2k miles then switch to rotella as the high mileage will swell the seals.
I will have rear seal checked soon hopefully as it could most likely be a culprit.
No slipping in the clutch that seems fine. Will check these things out also though. Cheers!