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First thing is check the fuel pressure you can rent them at auto parts stores. Well our injectors are easy to remove so take the fuel rail off for the #2&4 cylinders and swap the injectors around. So swap #2 injector to the #4 spot. Reinstall everything and drive the car normally util the CEL comes back on and see if the cylinder misfire changes cylinders. If it does then the injector is faulty if not then next step. If you had a bad fuel pump you would have more than just one cylinder misfire. The fuel pressure regulator is located on the backside of the right side fuel rail. While the cars running take a can of carb spray and spray the intake manifold where it meets the heads. If the car wants to die out when you spray at the intake manifold gasket then the gaskets bad. You can do this at other places to check for vacuum leaks if you don't have a smoke machine. Other things could be a bent Valve, a dropped valve guide, misaligned timing belt or a bad coil or wiring.