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Need to see the hooked up wagons!!!!!!!!!! Volume-1 (CLOSED)
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I havenít been on here in a while.... I still have my stock 05 SWP LGT however, the check engine light has been on 7 times.. the dealer has replaced the ECU, Wire Harness, and now one of the cylinders is misfiring due to a faulty injector. Three times they've found problems the other four they just reset the computer to get the check engine light off... I assume. The car has only 22K on it. As a loaner I got a 05 GT Wagon MT. I must say I am falling in love with the ease of acceleration the sport shift, etc.... I was thinking about trading the LGT in for a 06 STI next month but this loner has wagons on my mind. Can any one direct me to some pics of some hooked up wagons? I am single no kids and I have to have a strong argument for myself to get a wagon. "Its all in my mind" I definitely would have to get it dropped and throw some 18's on it a sti front lip spoiler access port and some sway bars... What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance!

P.s I checked the Legacy pics forum and didnt really find what I was looking for.
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