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Ecutek Tune for EZ36D 3.6R
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It's alive! After a full day of dyno runs and off the dyno fuel and ignition map smoothing, we have an ECUtek tune for the 3.6R.

Below is a summary of what we ended up with as the base map for a 3.6R with a CBE and a fairly stock intake (AEM DryFlow drop-in filter, milkjug delete, HKS funnel). Modest gains, as we should expect for a NA motor, but some good stuff nonetheless. Especially the low-end torque.

REVISED **: 231wHP (286 bHP) / 252 ft lb wTQ (331 ft lb bTQ)
OLD *: 231 wHP (277bHP) / 267 ft lb TQ (332 ft lb bTQ)
Redline limit raised to 6.75K just for fun.

* - assuming an avg. AWD/AT combo drivetrain loss of 20%
(likely a bit conservative, should be closer to 23%, but I don't want to inflate the #s)

** - actual losses seem closer to 23-25% for 3.6R H6/5EAT combo
and the wTQ figures in the dyno runs below are inflated due to torque converter amplification prior to lock-up. With that the revised bHP numbers are above.

The biggest gains John was able to get for us (surprisingly, even to him) are down-low.
Between 2500-3300RPM. Throughout that range HP shot up by 10-15, torque by about 20.
Its practical and fun since this is the ideal range for the H6 under most driving conditions.

Most of the gains were achieved through modified cam timing.

Right after this, there is a strange dip in torque @ 3000 John couldn't smooth out (no matter what he tried) - perhaps a function of the AT torque converter. He might try again next time with updated ECUtek software (coming soon) that will give him some additional features and controls.

And finally more modest (but still consistant) gains from 3500 - 5200/5400 (new peak) and on beyond 6000 (where both HP and torque level and then drop off). As-is, there is not much more to squeeze out of the engine.

John optimized the fuel maps (leaned out, flattened), adjusted cam and ignition timing (more aggressive), removed load limiters, deleted the speed limiter, optimized fuel injection. Disabled some DTCs, raised the REV limiter to 6,750RPM (just for kicks).

Butt-dyno impressions on the drive home... Sure, its not a 2.5GT but this thing can MOVE! The car feels lighter, more nimble. Throttle response is much improved. Power is smooth and comes on stronger than before. Pulls hard from 1.5K - 3.5K. Much stronger @ 2K than stock. With traction control off, the rear gets understeer happy and wants to come loose under hard acceleration. Overall I'm very happy with the results. A proper 'Stage 1' for the NA H6.

Crappy cell phone pics/video and dyno plot coming soon!

Cost? $150 for dyno time (call it my contribution for the 3.6R brethrens out there) + an extra $150 for the custom tune!

At this price, I think the gains are well worth the cost. John might charge more now that he's developed the baseline for the H6 motor (its his and Ecutek's IP now) but I can't imagine getting a reflash from him in NY or CT would be significantly more.

Give him a shout, ask away on FB, etc.

Update: Dyno run plot for two late-tune runs.

1st (in green) before John optimized the cam timing.
2nd (in red) closer to the final tune, post cam timing tweaks.

Notice the low-end power and torque boost and the dip I wrote about?
With the cam and ignition timing tweaks, he was able to pickup some power and torque throughout the RPM range.

I dont have a pic of the final tune #s but they are v close to the red run here.
For baseline stock whp was closer to 204-206. Baseline tq arround 198.
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