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What to look for when shopping for used Subaru?
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My (family) Subaru was recently totalled while parked! We are now shopping for two used Subarus - one more recent for my wife/family (ha - recent = 2003,04,05) - and I want something older (1990's).

Anyway, I am desperate to find out if/how I can protect myself from the head-gasket problems some years are said to have.

From what I have read, there are two series of this problem - "2.5l engine found predominantly in the 1996 to 1999 Outback, Legacy G.T.," and "2.2l and 2.5l engines found in the Forrester from mid year 1998, Impreza from mid year 1998, the Outback and Legacy from 2000."

Is this problem pretty much bound to happen to most of these cars (that is how it sounds)? Is there a way to predict that it will happen (is happening), has happened... or a way to tell if it had been addressed (if records aren't forthcoming)?

I'm a terrible car guy... computers? great - cars... nope. (It is funny how people think working on computers is difficult! I was just explaining to a relative that, with computers you just pull out one part, put in the new - no grease, no stuck bolts or busted knuckles.)

Any help in what to look for - particularly in Subarus would be very helpful!

For what it is worth, we are looking at wagons.

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