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Originally Posted by UTwrestler22 View Post
Not to be a noob but a fuel pump would push more fuel through
h stock injectors? I thought it would be the other way around. .
Yes the upgraded fuel pump will help your overall fuel flow but that's not the issue. Your car already has more fuel than it's injectors can handle:

155lph pump * 16.666 = 2583 / 4 = 645 cc per injector of flow
255lph pump * 16.666 = 4250 / 4 = 1062 cc per injector of flow

Since it has 550's it really won't benefit from the increased flow, if anything it will heat the fuel more and cause it to be more detonation prone.

Unfortunately there isn't any shortcut to upgraded fuel systems .

Some cars I end up seeing 4-5 times before the car gets up to it's full power. Intake leaks, exhaust leaks, bad plugs, old oil, 85 octane in the tank, incorrect pvc routing and incorrect installs account for most of why performance lacks. The trick is figuring out whats holding the car back while at the same time of mitigating risk.

And thanks for the kind words everyone

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