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03 2.5L GT manual HELP!
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I just bought this car a couple weeks ago and I'm really regretting it! Hope you guys can help me out.

The car has 127k miles 2.5L GT with a 5spd man. I have only put about 130 miles on it since I bought it.

I was going to take a 1.5 hr trip but never made it. I was driving on the highway about 70-75mph for about 10 miles to my first exit. I pull off exit and I'm slowing down for stop sign ahead. I down shift and car starts running rough. Like I has hitting rumble strips. It was sputtering almost like it was mis-firing. Meanwhile shortly before this my speedo a odo stopped working and CEL came on.

Called the dealer I bought it from, gave him a piece of my mind and took it to a "subaru specialist"

Subaru guy said it was speed sensor. Says he's got some laying around in his tool box. He installs speed sensor and I go pick it up. I don't even get a mile down the road and speedo goes to zero and soon after CEL came on.

I'm pissed! Drove it about 5 miles before I took it back to see if it would run rough again. I was hitting 4.5k in every shift and every time it hit 4.5k rpm the car would cut out like i was hitting rev. limiter. I'd slow down, drop to 4th, hit the gas and I could hear a different tone in exhaust like it was a deeper sound while climbing up to 4.5rpm before it would cut out. I'd shift to 5th.

now he is waiting for a new speed sensor to put in! He's had it for almost 2 weeks. and from the sounds of it putting old/used parts in my car. I'm no car tech but how does a speed sensor cause the car to run like dog poo? I'm thinking there is more to it than that.

What do you guys think? I fell this "specialist" isn't much of anything.
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