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Originally Posted by fahr_side View Post
WRT to your clutch... just upgrade already. At 4.71MAFv you've maxed the turbo out already at top so you to go quicker you have few choices.
1. You can try increasing boost further in midrange (and try AVCS tweaks as suggested) for more torque. Clutch will hurt.
2. Go to a larger turbo for power at high revs. Injectors might not be enough but you can hold boost down to control peak torque or IDCs as needed. Kinda pointless.
3. Header is going help, even on the 16G. I picked up 20/20 on mine with a Tomei ELH.
Thanks fahr, If I re-visit my tuner I'll be sure to talk with him about those things.

That's a pretty big gain with the ELH, more than I expected. I'll keep an eye on the classifieds in case a good deal comes up.

Originally Posted by StoplightAssassin View Post
Post some time slips. What wheels, tires, suspension, etc.

I never weighed the stock CBE, but I know that sucker is heavy. Get an aftermarket exhaust and your car will be lighter and free up a couple more horses.

Get a turbo blanket and wrap your DP. You don't want to heat soak at the line.

New injectors and race gas?

Wheels: Stock 5-spoke
Tires: Cooper Zeon ZPT 215/45-17
Suspension: Stock

I have a turbo blanket installed, and I'm thinking about a downpipe blanket. All of my best runs were right away when I got to the track, or after a significant cool-down period - so I think you're probably on the right track there. I've got enough injector for the current setup, and I'm not sure what race gas would get me over E85...

Thinking about trading it for a 2012 Hammerhead-i Eagle Thrust though - the crash test results were unbelieveably good...