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Originally Posted by Lafta View Post
"there all left hand drive right?"

You. Didn't. Just. Ask. This. Did you? What do they teach you in school?
Did you know, in Canada, we pour dye in our mountain lakes to make them appear green?
There, they're. Your, you're. Word....

Oh, and I'll sell you mine for $19,999.99
Yes yes, i deserved that, head was little foggy at the time.
And no, out of budget, again. plus i HATE blue, nothing wrong with it, i just have an irrational dislike for it.

Originally Posted by ur a bus View Post
I would be less embarrased to be an American if he lived in Nebraska, but he lives in a state that BORDERS Canada

Good luck with your search. A work buddy bought the exact car you are looking for in December 2005 (black interior). His wife crashed it, they fixed it, traded it on a Honda (driving a manual was aggravating her back problems). A guy on here bought it, modded it, crashed it again, de-modded it, and sold it. It is probably still running around here somewhere. Won't exactly be a cream puff by now
Yes, i know, I've been to Canada many times, Only saw one RHD car, and it was an R33 skyline, didn't know it at the time.

But i'm going to patient, im working on getting that one from KIJIJI that the other member posted, only two problems.

Its in Canada about 2000 miles away. I'm trying to get an idea of the task that's going to be, but i'm starting to warm up to other colors, after seeing how hard find the one i want is going to be, but since I've started searching, I've come across 2 SWP LGT wagons, with Manuals.

So i think if i'm patient the right will come up.