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Hey all! My first contribution to the forum.. Been lurking for a while and everything Ive read has been such a big help!

Just did the lighting mods to my 05 GT. First thing I did was pull the DRL plug and verify that everything still seems to work. Which it does. High beam indicator, all light functions, dash lights, wiper heaters APPEAR to work. Next was the foglight mod.

These write ups were awesome! However I wanted mine to operate a tad different. I want to roll with my fogs on and parking lights on...but with this mod, it means during the day, you cant see your gauges or radio/HVAC. So I ended up tapping into the "marker light" circuit. THIS way, I can use my fogs with the little "P" switch on top of the column.

WARNING: Fogs will NOT go off with the key out this way. I happen to always set my cars up to have control over the fogs, and never forget to turn them off. Its just a habit I formed. Im going to work on a way to have an alarm when you shut down the car if those lights are on. I can do it now, but the only alarm I know if is an old school buzzer. Ide like to find a "chime" if possible. For another day. Im not 100% sure how the battery saver function works, or if my car has it. So Im not sure if I did forget to turn them off, if the car would save the battery.

I didnt like the idea of cutting the wire for the relay, so I removed the connector from the holder, and bought some .187" female spade connectors. I taped up the wire that I removed, and tucked it securely out of the way.

Remove the blue collar from the terminal, and crimp/solder it onto your new wire, whatever color you chose. I had trailer wiring that I liked the gauge of so I used it.

Insert the new connector into the relay block. You might have to open up the terminal a little so it fits on the relay connector. Test fit it first. And when you are inserting the relay, just make sure you keep pressure on the new wire towards the relay, because it doesnt firmly snap into place. Mine stayed in place pretty easy.

Now if you want the fogs to truely work ANYTIME the parking lights are on, you need to tap into this orange wire. Im sure there might be another wire, but this one I found to be switched 12v based on the parking light condition. On my car, the fuse for this circuit is fuse 14 I believe. A 15 amp fuse. I simple used a tap, making SURE to squeeze the metal blade fully, and then closed it all up.

It now works exactly how I want. Fogs still go off with high beams. In fact, if all you have is the P switch on, and you press the high beam stalk forward, with the keys out, the fogs will still go out.

Anyway, just thought Ide throw that out there for everyone. Thanks again for the write ups! Cant wait to do more!


EDIT: I just went out to test something that the previous poster brought up. I left the fog light switch turned on, and then used my keyfob to lock/unlock. The parking lights flashed but the fogs did NOT flash. Not sure if that happens to all of you that wire the relay to the illumination wire or not? Just wanted to report that it does in fact not operate the fogs. I actually kind of hoped it would. Makes the car easier to find at night!

Edit #2 (and last): ok I'm an idiot. Totally forgot about the button next to the trip computer. That would give me dash lights back. Duh. What can I say. I've had the car for a week haha. Oh well, I still have the same options only an additional one. I apologize for my subi ignorance

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