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Originally Posted by xt2005bonbon View Post
I looked again at the 'check list' I posted. I think that a compression test is in order due to the fact that you still don't have any CEL popping up and you did look for vacuum leaks. Without any CEL, it'd be hard to know if the issue is due to a specific coil pack, or injector or what. That's my opinion anyways..

The only other thing that comes to mind is, you could always find a friend that has a good working MAF, put it in your car for a while and see how it behaves..
I don't know any Legacy (or newer WRX buddies). I see them around but nobody close. I guess buying a new MAF sensor is in line

I really wish I would have thought of doing a compression test while the plugs were out last weekend... damnit. My knuckles are just starting to heal lmao. I could take the car up to AZP this weekend but I HATE paying for labor for something I could do myself.