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'98 Legacy GT-B Horrendous oil leakage
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Afternoon guys,

I have a '98 Legacy GT-B TT Manual that has been legally 'off the road' in NZ for roughly a year and a half; however, i have been driving it at least once a week to work and back (5kms). Over this time i have only driven a total of roughly 10-20,000kms.

The oil problem i noticed about a year and a half ago when oil leak became visible on driveway. I have taken it to 3 mechanics over this time thatl have contradicting stories as to what the problem might be. From the oil pump 'o' ring needs to be replaced to 'the turbos are going to die maybe in the next couple of weeks and the engine is almost dead' - It has now been over 6 months and everything runs very stable as far as i am concerned.

Anyway, the leak is very consistent however it is very slow. I have replaced rocket cover gaskets including coil pack seals to eliminate the obvious, changed oil and filter twice and i have also pulled the front of the timing belt cover off after i was told the 'o' ring needs to be replaced but there was absolute shit all in there.

When inspecting the car under a hoist there is thick oil build-up around the gearbox and some very light and slow 'drizzle' from around the oil filter area.
The sump and filter also has a nice covering of thick oil.

Ironic thing of all is the dipstick shows that the level is at OR above full even when checked in the morning when everything settles. I will be posting up photos and some other reports in a couple of hours and would appreciate your guys support! Cheers!
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