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Originally Posted by LosAngelesLGT View Post
Im pretty sure I'll hit 10k some time in spring for this year because, racecar.

Buy a used LGT for 10k and have a spare in case anything ever goes wrong. Heck, just turn the broken one into spare parts. I knew a few VW bug guys in the 80s like that. You could tow one behind the other in case the banjo bolt/oil pickup/cyl3-4/frontwheelbearing/crappypaint/etc goes wrong with the first one.

A chick in a n/a track Miata came up to me at the track and said "why didn't you just start with a fast car?" (I was turning similar times as her gutted, caged, track miata in my cough-cough bolt on LGT with full interior/ac/etc)

First time you come flying down a straight to get on the ass of a Miata just in time to trail brake and watch the Miata go though the turn without LIFTING, let alone braking and you understand why the flea can move. Its not the driver of the Legacy that is the problem here. My car CANNOT carry the same speed as a Miata though the turns with 245 size vs 215 of similar composition that a lot of the Miata are running. 215/15 on a Miata is like 285/18 on a LGT. They can buy three sets of tires, a set of track wheels and brakes and some suspension bits for the cost of a track wheel/tire set on a lgt nevermind our horrific offset and retarded bolt pattern.

/miata rant
so much win here. The first time I went thru a corner in the Miata flatout that I had to brake for in the wagon, I was terrified. The second time, I went even faster, and I was grinning.
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