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Originally Posted by pleaidestar View Post
You got the juices flowing on the 18/22e compression build, do you know of anybody that did that build?...I want to do that in my first gen ls wagon...going to look into it since I need to get ready for a summer project.
Things to remember.

1. Phase 1 SOHC heads (all of them) suck at pulling air in & if they are to be used on any block bigger than the engine that they came off of, then they need to have their intakes ported & polished before anything else is done with them. You will gain power without work, but your hybrid won't produce the kind of power that you'll be expecting.

2. 18E cams are bigger/more aggressive than 22E cams so I would imagine that the 18E/22E would be a lot more balanced & linear than the 22E/25D. There just wouldn't be as much power or tq produced due to the lack of displacement, which the 25D block has. The reliabilty of the 22E will be kept though. The power will probably be a lot closer to, if not exactly the same as my 25D/22E with it's thin head gaskets, only with a LOT more low-end TQ & powerband closer to that of the 22E/25D.

3. Aftermarket cams will step up any cylinder head. This being the case, imagine a set of reground 18E cams w/grounded intake port 18E heads on a 22E block. That thing would be outstanding & reliable but unported would give you loads of low-end TQ & kill your top end power. Even if you didn't want to keep the 18E heads, the 18E cams & roller rockers will fit inside 22E heads. Kind of a win/win situation really. I've read that the 18E intake manifold has longer runners than the 22E.

4. 18E heads on a 22E will put you over 10:1 with ease, provided you got the 22E head gasket to produce that CR. ALWAYS use the head gasket that matches the bore size of the block. Being that 18E heads are very similar to 22E heads, the coolant ports on the 22E gasket will match those on the 18E heads. No worry there. Using a 25D ECU to run the 18E/22E would be ideal for power, since the 25D runs very rich compared to the 22E ECU & also has a higher redline.

Originally Posted by pleaidestar View Post
The sound of a dual cam build in a first gen sounds fun too, I saw a 93 impreza with a 18e at the u pull on Wednesday...they will part with those heads for 40 bucks.
Unless you're planning to use a thin head gasket, the DOHC setup is not ideal for an N/A build since they decrease the compression ratio used on the stock head gasket size.

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