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Originally Posted by pleaidestar View Post
Bad ass, I wonder what the compression is on the 18/22e block, I like the bulletproof 22e but I want it to pull all the way through the gears at least a little. I like n/a power, even though its expensive and fickle. I thought about eg33/bd swap but I hear for the trouble and cost the performance difference isn't worth it.

Good info again btw..
If you want more power in the midrange/top-end, you'd either have to open up your intake ports more (port & polish) & bolt in some cams that are ground to focus on all around power delivery or you would have to bolt on 25D heads. Whatever you decide to do regarding that, you will lose a lot of that nice low-end pickup that the 22E has.

As for the EG33 swap, that's much better than swapping in any turbo EJ.
It puts out about 240bhp, it's 6cyl, 3.3L, is completely compatible w/any EJ22 piston or rod, has 3 exhaust ports, TQ pull all over it's RPM range, & is a very sturdy, well built, & reliable engine. It's a wiring nightmare but nightmares don't last for long. It can bolt up to any of our 5/6spds or autos.

For JDM turbo engines/205/255/257 swaps, we have to go through the same kind of wiring hell for engines that are not nearly as reliable as the EG33. If I were looking for power & extra potential, we don't have anything that beats an H6 swap. Linear pull, linear power, & a VERY Porsche-like sound is amazing.

Originally Posted by johnegg View Post
the ej25d heads on the ej18 block may be limited, will be limited by the diameter of the ''fire ring''? and the cylinder bore.

the ej18 and the ej22 blocks are the same except for the bore.
so if there is the 25D heads fit on the ej22 they should fit on the ej18.
I was thinking the same exact thing about the 25D heads. The valve/quench area might simply be too large for the diameter of the 18E bore, even if they can bolt on. Maybe 2.0L heads?