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TheRetrofitSource RetroQuik HID retrofit system - GB Complete: CLOSED
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March 27th: We're all done, folks!!

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased, supported each other / answered questions, and for your gratitude towards myself. Until next time!


As of 3/27/2013, the group buy is OVER and was a success! Below is all the original content, for posterity's sake.

Exclusions: Must buy at least one full retrofit kit to receive a discount (coupon not valid for accessories, bulb kits, or similar by themselves). Stage IV kits are excluded from the offer -- if you wanted a set of these, please contact me and I'll work with TRS to find out your options. Discount does apply to accessories purchased in addition to the kit.

LGT Owners: the most common purchase will be the Retro-Quik system, which comes with pre-made brackets and everything else you need, and is a very very easy DIY project. However the choice of kit is up to you.

Group Buy Stipulations: Orders will not ship until 25 purchases have been made. TRS assures me that this works out well, and does not really take a long time. Should there be a shortage after a reasonable amount of time, we'll figure things out from there. So please try to place your orders ASAP, for everyone's sake!

The coupon code will likely be disabled around 25 purchases, so because of this, I have PM'ed the coupon to the member list before, so those who expressed interest can be sure to get in on the discount. After a week or two (we'll see how ordering is going), I'll update this page with the code for everyone else.

Any questions? Let me know!

March 19th: 15 orders so far. Let's go guys and gals!

March 22nd: 22 orders! Almost ready to ship!

March 25th: We've reached our goal, and currently have 31 orders! Shipments should begin soon. Thank you everyone! Some more details here. If you want to get in on this GB at the last minute, do so ASAP! Because the coupon will likely be disabled very soon.


Matt @ TRS let me know that, depending on the number of people interested, they can do around 25% off for 25+ people, and a bit less for lower numbers. Here's a quote from his email:

Usually what we do is offer up to 25% off if there are 25+ people ready to get in on it. If there are less people, say 15, we can do 15% off, etc.

If you want to pass that around and get some numbers, let us know and we'll be happy to get something going for you guys.
So I'm doing just that. Here's the "In for one!" thread to gauge the interest and see what we can put together.

For those unfamiliar with the system, here's their website, and a great how-to thread by Drew888 where this started again.

RetroQuik system designed for 05-09 LGT, but confirmed to work with 5th gen LGTs with little-to-no modification!

I've included the names of people from Drew's thread. Please let me know if you'd like to update your status.

March 11th: Reached 25 people! I'm going to work with TRS to figure out how ordering will happen, and put together an actual discount number for everyone along with a schedule for when ordering can begin. A few unanswered questions have also been passed on. Get in now for 25% off!

March 12th: I'm lazy, read the update post here!

March 13th: The 25% discount will not apply to stage IV kits such as the FX-R or RX-AFS kits. If you were interested in either of these kits as part of this group buy, let me know and I'll see what kind of discount we can apply to those kits.

Confirmed Orders
1. Aken - Ordered
2. awwrxwgn - Ordered
3. road race legacy - Ordered
4. 01rs25 - Ordered
5. .:Catalyst:. - Ordered
6. ClimberD@HexMods - Ordered
7. spec.B Dream - Ordered
8. Kelvrick - Ordered
9. Code - Ordered
10. K2e2vin - Ordered
11. BLACKeNeD - Ordered
12. TheMahFromTheU - Ordered
13. Jerm - Ordered
14. ticklelgt - Ordered
15. fstaslp - Ordered
16. BX77 - Ordered
17. ChaoticZen- Ordered
18. mark5032 - Ordered
19. srehn - Ordered
20. joeblow - Ordered
21. MiniStiGuy - Ordered
22. Outback11 - Ordered
23. EK_YYC - Ordered
24. kjiz - Ordered

Questionable Orders

1. SCHM1AN (attempting to get paired up w/ someone) - ???
2. ndmx52 (doesn't need full kit) - ???
3. legacy360 - ???
4. bboygreddy - ???
5. rockle3 - ???
6. V8Bait - ???
7. DryBear - ???
8. 13FLGT - ???
9. laserturbo91 - ???
10. alcopaulic - ???
11. DOHCstunr - ???
12. 12sechatch - ???
13. Suboperator - ???

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