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Pull the plugs and do a compression check when the engine is cold. Disconnect the wire to the coil pak and unplug the wires to the fuel pump. Open up the throttle body when cranking. I am guessing this puppy may need the valves ground. If you have low compression, squirt some oil into the cylinder and see if it rises. If it does, the rings are going. If not the valves are leaking. Here is an old trick to try, pour two ounces of Solder Seal Liquid Wrench into each cylinder. Put the plugs back in and turn the engine over about ten times. Let the engine set overnight. Connect the coil pak and fuel pump and start the next morning and run for fifty miles. Promptly change the oil and filter after the run. This knocks out the carbon from around the rings and combustion chamber, allowing the rings to expand as they should. Steven.