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Am I too picky in what I'm searching for?
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Hey guys, I'm new around here, im 20 years old, currently driving a 1996 Nissan Pathfinder and really love this car, but its time to move on to something a little more practical and mainly something new.

And after a while of searching and narrowing down what i want, i have decided that i want a Subaru Legacy, more specifically a Legacy GT Wagon.

I have always LOVED wagons, and really find the 2005-2009 body style, absolutely GORGEOUS. But my questions is:

Am i searching for something that really isn't going to exist? I specifically want a 2005-2009 Legacy GT Wagon, SWP, with a 5 speed (i want black interior, but id settle for tan)

Now i know the wagons are rare enough, add 5 speed and its get toward as rare as seeing an Enzo, with SWP on top of that, i know I'm trying to basically looking for a unicorn.

So should i not be so picky, or should i just keep my nose to the ground? I just want to know that I'm not wasting my time.

My budget is 11-13K and I'm not super picky on miles, 05 wagons seem to pop up with about 100-125K on the ODO.

Thanks guys, really diggin the forum and all of the Modifications you can do to a legacy (I'm coming from a tiny aftermarket support for my pathfinder )

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